Senin, Oktober 10, 2005

Ibn Rushd

Ibn Rushd influenced Western thought from the 12th to the 16th centuries. His books were included in the syllabi of Paris and other universities till the advent of modern experimental sciences.

In the west he is known as Averroes.

Ibn Rushd made remarkable contributions; in philosophy, logic, medicine, music and jurisprudence.

He wrote book in medicine “Kitab al-Kulyat fi al-Tibb” was written before 1162 A.D. Its Latin translation was known as 'Colliget'.( he wrote 20 books for medicine alone)

In it, Ibn Rushd has thrown light on various aspects of medicine, including the diagnoses, cure and prevention of diseases. The book concentrates on specific areas in comparison to Ibn Sina’s wider scope of al-Qanun, but contains several original observations of Ibn Rushd.

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