Rabu, Februari 08, 2006

an Open Question to Stormpay

An open question on behalf of all Stormpay members to John R. McConnel Jr. CEO of

Where is our money John?

First you suspend the accounts of a number of reputable autosurf sites with no warning, no valid explanation, and completely deny those customers any access to their accounts. Then you send an email to all Stormpay members telling them lies about why you have done this. Then you randomly begin refunding money from those suspended accounts, even though the members concerned did not ask to be refunded. Then your debit cards were being refused at ATMs around the world, and your withdrawal cheques started bouncing. Then you removed the option for international members to request their funds by wire transfer. And today you have begun systematically emptying the accounts of all Stormpay members, not just the Autosurf webmasters.

Where is the money, John??

(source dadndaves)

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